What Is Cannabis plant and how do we classify it?

Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants that come from the family Cannabaceae. While there are many species within the genus, there are three main types: sativa, indica and ruderalis, where each one is indigenous to a specific geo-location.

What are the medical benefits of Cannabis?

The cannabinoids, mainly CBD (cannabidiol), from the plant showed a positive effect in the treatment of chronic pain and muscle spasms. Although these are not researched completely, they can also fight the cancer cells, HIV and Hepatitis C. These conditions are the most common when patients seek an approval for medical cannabis.

The second biggest medical benefit is that relaxes your brain and relieves you of any stress. War veterans, often diagnosed with PTSD, get the medical prescription for marijuana so they can treat their condition. Cannabis is the only drug that will not cause any physical addiction to your body.

So in a nutshell, let’s give you a few more facts from the various researches that were performed with cannabis treatment:

  • 95% of insomnia-patients reported undisputedly better sleep after cannabis use 95%
  • 90% of PTSD-diagnosed veterans reported better wellbeing after the cannabis treatment 90%
  • 86% of patients with HEP.C diagnosed managed to treat the condition with medical cannabis 86%
  • 81% of alcoholics were recovered successfully with CBD use 81%
  • 80% of Chrohn’s disease patients were treated successfully with marijuana 80%


These are the most potent forms of cannabis plant and they are the real trend these days, as the culture of dabbing gets it space in the media. The best way to explain cannabis concentrate is by following the simple reference: fresh orange juice has the smell and taste of orange, but does not have any excess fluid or peel. The aroma, flavor and the effect of cannabis are intact while the unwanted material is removed completely.


Cannabis edibles are food products that contain THC, one of the active cannabinoids. The edibles can be in the form of drink or food (drinkable or edible) and they can cause you euphoria, relaxation or even anxiety or paranoia, depending on the strain that is used, as well as the tolerance of the consumer to THC. The products that contain weed are also known as hemp foods.

Special Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Hybrid strains are the strongest strains of cannabis flowers that are produced by crossing the best phenotypes of both sativa and indica landrace genetics. One of the best known hybrid strains, which are strongly applied in medical treatment, include OG Kush, White Widow, Trainwreck, Lemon Skunk and AK-47. Each of carry genetics from different landraces (India, South America, Thai and Afghanistan) which produces the best hybrid strains, specially developed for medical use.

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I have been diagnosed with chronic neck pain since 2012. I have visited many medical facilities, thermal spas, and used many different medicines, without any improvement in my condition. A year after, I started with cannabis treatment but could not find a reliable dispensary. Thanks to Canada and its liberal constitution, I have found my online weed dispensary where I can order cannabis and get it delivered to my door! I have to say that you have sent me a free package to try to treat my pain and since then you are my doctor!

Mariah James, 35

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Robert Sheen, 40

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