Do You Know What Is Pennywise?

Do You Know What Is Pennywise?

The famous Stephen King’s clown villain now has its characteristics implemented in cannabis strain called Pennywise! Still, you will not be paranoid, or crazy when you smoke this strain, but rather relaxed. Pennywise weed is CBD-rich strain with indica phenotype, which roots go back all the way to the Jack Ripper strain that was used in hybridizing this strain. The level of THC content of Pennywise strain is around 15%. Now, let’s talk about Pennywise in details.

How do the buds look like?

When you trim this strain, all cannabis flowers are small to medium size, with irregular chunky-like structure. Since it is mostly indica, the flowers have that indica-like bud density with full compactness, although you can bump into some sativa-like flowers. The leaves are pale-green and twisted into brown pistils that can look scary. Those leaves, as well as flowers, are covered fully with milky trichomes that add an additional white color to the whole bud, making it scary but also innocent. Therefore the name Pennywise comes. The buds, once cured properly, produce damp and earthy scent, with the slight taste of pineapple. When you grind the flowers, they release beautiful spicy and hashy aroma. The smoke is harsh, thick and not for novice smokers as you will cough definitely. Upon the exhaling, the smoke has a sour taste.

How high are the effects?

As soon as you start smoking this weed, you will feel head high almost after the first two smokes! You may sense a slight hallucination, as the strain produces strong cerebral high. Still, there is no paranoia, or losing your thoughts. You rather get detailed and focused thoughts that flow through your brain constantly. In case you have a brainstorming session, you might want to smoke this as you can think clearly, stay focused and be productive.

The relaxation feeling kicks in after 15 minutes, when the waves of euphoria, together with relaxation, rush through your body. You will become highly energized, but it is likely that you will sit back and enjoy the high, as it is really a special type of high. The strain is highly responsive to your setting, so you might want to change a horror movie for a comedy one. Pennywise is just around the corner after you smoke this!

The dosage and the growing conditions

The medical characteristics of this cannabis beauty should be taken seriously, as you will not need more than .3 in your doobie, to feel the effects. High CBD amount reserves this strain for the PTSD treatment and epilepsy. Pennywise really ensures you a sedate mood, so you could get rid of your stress and anxiety. If you are planning to grow this cannabis plant, have in mind that it is a medium-height cannabis plant and it is perfect for indoor grow. Depending on your seed bank, you can find 4 different phenotypes, where the appearance can be totally different among these. However, the effects are pretty much the same for all phenotypes, although you will have to wait three months before it flowers to the maximum.